Ways to create new hair styles

February 14, 2017

Ways to create new hair styles

Wear human hair ponytail made by Hairesthetic.com.  We have great selections such as textures, lengths, colors and styles. You can simply attach it onto your own little ponytail and our wrap around ponytail will attach securely and create a full and long ponytail instantly.  We can also design a custom ponytail that you need.  Some clients want 26" long ponytail made with 100% human hair and we can make it in 1-2 days.  Just contact us and we'll tell you how we can make it for you!

Select from our styles...

Wrap around 100% human hair bodywave ponytail 18"    Wrap around 100% human hair French wave ponytail 22"  Wrap around 100% human hair kinky curl ponytail 14"



               100% human hair, custom made ponytails for your hair style