Easy Hair Extensions - Wired Hair Extensions- 14"

Easy "Halo" Hair Extensions in dark colors such black and brown and auburn colors.

1. This hair is FULL to the BOTTOM, no short hair!  It's approximately 115 grams in weight 

2. The hair is sewn onto a mesh base with a very strong mono filament wire.  The wire does not stretch but it's attached to two small elastics at the end for a slight  stretch.  Very secure!

3. The hair length is 14" long with no short hair mixed in so it's full to the bottom.

4. Soft silky bodywave hair.  Style it as you like it with hot curling irons or flat irons.  It's 100% human hair.
5.  You may choose the width:  12", 13", 14"  Average width is 13"