I Strand Bodywave, High Quality Remy Human Hair 18"-20pcs

Pre-Tipped. Remy human hair extensions. Attach this hair with a Clamper and the Fusion Ring. It's easy to attach and with this method there's no heat involvded because you simply secure it with a metal ring. Its durable and it lasts on an average 2-3 months. It's great for first timers with hair extensions. You can attach it at home or have it done professionally. It usually takes about 150-200 pcs for a complete head.

Bodywave hair texture can be blow dried straight or flat iron to make it straight. However, we do not recommend excessive straightening. It may dry the hair quickly and may not last as long.

20 pieces

Available in 18" length hair only.

Order will take 24-48 hrs to ship