Reusable Cotton Respirator Mask for Personal Protection

REUSABLE SAFETY COTTON DUST MASK respirator is well designed and highly protective against dust, allergens, and helps limit the spread of viruses and pathogens.


Reusable Safety Dust Respirator Mask

Helps limit the spread of viruses and pathogens

Well made and attractive

Offers 2 PM2.5 filters

Carbon activated filtration reduces odors

The comfortable adjustable nose piece

Adjustable elastic bands

One size fits most men & women


It's made of cool, breathable, natural cotton and includes two PM2.5 high quality filters.  It has an effective Carbon Activated filtration to remove odors and bad smells and most importantly keeps out pathogens and particles.


This is the responsible face covering that you can wear comfortably all day.  One size comfortably fits most men and women. The adjustable nose piece lets it conform to the shape of your face. Adjustable elastic bands make it easy to get a firm fit without causing discomfort. 



The special valve allows for easy exhale for better air circulation and maintains a barrier for pathogens and particles.